Thursday, November 8, 2007

Trackman and SMT

One of the success stories we are most proud of is the use of our TrackMan™ technology and how the information we obtain from the system helps us plan an equipment/golf swing strategy for our students and customers. Based on Doppler radar technology, TrackMan™ measures the exact 3-dimensional club movement and ball flight, and provides precise data on the ball launch, ball flight and ball landing. TrackMan™ measures the full trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives and measures the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards.

With that information we can combine our instruction skills with the right equipment to create an optimal ball flight for each shot. In other words, “What is the theoretical limit I can hit a driver (or any club) based on my club head speed and the different parameters of the club at impact?” This kind of detailed information requires special partnerships from the equipment manufacturers to allow us to fully utilize the information.

One of these partnerships is with SMT Golf. SMT Golf, is the first and only company to win each division of the RE/Max World Long Drive Championship, and the "Longest driver on any PGA Tour", built its reputation on the highest quality products with unsurpassed performance and durability. At the Academy we have taken that success and applied it to the fitting issues of players of all levels. The result has been remarkable to say the least. We have been so successful that we have made this promise. “If we cannot find at least 10 yards in additional distance for you the fitting is free.”

The moral of my story is, “Don’t buy without knowing.” Given the prices of today’s golf equipment we think it is worth the effort to find out what your optimal ball flight really is, and to spend the time to find the right equipment to match it.

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Chris said...

This technolgy is great. Playing college golf I never thought that I could gain 20 yards and hit more fairways, but with the help of Trackman and SMT this has became a reality.