Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Get Help for your Putting Stroke!

Over the past 3 years I have offered an online consultation about putting mechanics and the importance of the proper putter fit to maintain consistency.  I currently have 375 clients in 8 different countries. This program is unique as it deals with your personal requirements and tendencies as opposed to a fixed method or “best” way. The consultation is a one-time fee with no time limit. I have clients in their third year of exploration. During this time I document all of our work, creating a guideline for your stroke. Changes are inevitable, but always more successful when based on information.  The following is a time line of how the program works.


1. We find the place where your perception of target is most accurate.

2. This position, relative to the golf ball, will determine alignment and posture.

3. Your set up will dictate the path shape or stroke plane of your stroke.

4. We will then choose or discover the source and sequence of motion in your stroke. Our goal is to create consistency, not look for perfection. There is no perfect. Only proficiency of the method you use.

5. Then we will match the proper putter design and balance to the stroke you have built. My research shows this to be very important and second only to finding the setup where you see the line of the putt best.

6. Once these decisions are made we can now begin to discuss strategy and how your mechanics influence how you read greens.

7. From then on the direction we go will be influenced on your decisions, as we fine tune the process. This is why the agreement is long term. Once you get started questions will pre-set themselves and I will be a source of information to walk you through the process.


One requirement is camera that can take stills and video, along with a friend or tri-pod to help the process.  If you are interested in signing up for the next round of clients, you can contact me through this blog by clicking on the contact us link.



Friday, July 10, 2015

Putting Lessons 334-343

Lesson 334-A putter that is too heavy increases the influence of the putter over the hands. Any manipulated hand movement is exaggerated.

Lesson 335-A putter that is light in weight does not provide enough feedback to the player during the stroke. Inconsistent path & rotation.

Lesson 336-Finding the right weight is very important in helping distance control. Best place to start is tempo. What is your best tempo?

Lesson 337- What suits you best? Long strokes at a slower pace or shorter strokes at a quicker pace? What weight helps your tempo?

Lesson 338-Fine tune your putter weight? What is your typical miss? More weight will move the ball to the right and less will move it left.

Lesson 339-Extremes don't make something better. Particularly true when evaluating putters. Lead tape a little at a time can work wonders.

Lesson 340-Biggest influence of weight is at three points in the stroke. The takeaway, transition backswing to forward swing and at impact.


Lesson 341-Never use green speed to evaluate the appropriate putter weight for you! Find the weight you can control and then adapt to speed.


Lesson 342- Choosing the proper weight will depend on the rotational value of the putter you chose. Chose putter design first, then weight.


Lesson 343-Good places to add weight to assist distance control? Start with above the hands or at the balance point on the shaft.