Sunday, March 31, 2019

Return of

Early on in my putting strategy and fitting research, I would post some of my findings on a collector's forum called It gave me the opportunity to present my views, and discuss the merits of the research with other advocates. Which is all a fancy way of saying I got ripped pretty good. The discussion on eyes over the ball was a beauty. But I continued, and if it weren't for that forum I would have never been presented some of the opportunities I have had to meet and share information with players and instructors from around the world. I will always be grateful.

I am so pleased to see the "new' version of "PutterTalk" and very proud they have asked me to be a contributor. I still plan to post here, but hope to broaden my approach to all aspects of the game. Maybe share a little more of the gems that Mr. Palmer shared with me in our practice sessions at Latrobe. To read my first two contributions click the link below the logo.