Sunday, September 14, 2014

Putting Lesson 241-250

Lesson 241-Good results will "feel" different than poor results. Don't miss a chance to improve because it "feels bad". Different isn't bad.

Lesson 242- A test for feel. Do you know where you missd without watching the putt? Does feel match reality Lesson 243-Best way to develop a feel for your stroke is to practice with your eyes closed. Even better get on a PuttLab with eyes closed.

Lesson 244-Grass roots putter fitting. Swing all the putters in your local proshop with your eyes closed. Which one feels best in motion?

Lesson 245-Swing your putter with your eyes closed. Stop the stroke when you feel the face is square. Open your eyes, how did you do?

Lesson 246-Not square after 245? A poorly installed grip and the compensations it forces, is the most common cause of putting problems.

Lesson 247- Vision is not as accurate as feel. Better to learn what your best stroke feels like than what the putter looks like in motion.

Lesson 248-Most missed putts come from visual interference. We compensate based on what we see, then tell ourselves it doesn't feel right.

Lesson 249-Feel in motion is more important than feel at impact!! Do not ignore the flex of the putter shaft when evaluating your stroke.

Lesson 250 -The shaft of the putter delivers the feel of the stroke to the hands. Flex and weight are as important in putting as full shots.