Monday, May 26, 2014

Putting Lessons 196-205

Lesson196-Stroke mechanics? Use this definition to start. What body parts move and in what sequence? Verbalize your sequence as a reference.


Lesson 197- Ability to verbalize your putting stroke will help you be more consistent and eliminate mechanical thoughts DURING the stroke.


Lesson 198-Verbalize your putting stroke? Here is one example of many successful strategies. Left shoulder back - left arm through. Try it!


Lesson 199-An example for right sided players. Right shoulder back-Right hand to the ball. Important-Shoulder controls backswing length!


Lesson 200- Shoulders around spine? Verbalize as "turn back and turn through". Say it in the same rhythm and timing as you swing the putter.


Lesson 201-Arms swing around the spine? Verbalize left arm back and right arm through. Complicated, but if done right can be very effective


Lesson 202-Verbalize your stroke. Now say it to yourself. Now say it as you imagine yourself hitting a putt. Mental training of your motion.


Lesson 203-Source of motion influences length of backswing and follow through. Ex. Trail arm strokes are longer back and shorter through.


Lesson 204-Source of motion influences length of backswing and follow through. Lead arm stroke is shorter back with a longer follow through.

Lesson 205-Shoulders or arms around spine are most effective when the backswing and forward swing past the ball, match. Think of a pendulum.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

More help for your Putting 186-195

Lesson 186-Hands are the source of feel for your stroke. Use them a lot or a little they still have the same function. Control and Feel.

Lesson 187-Poor putting? Focus on letting your source of motion swing your hands, rather than using your hands to try to control the putter.

Lesson 188-Source of Motion Review-Left Side or Right Side Dominant, Passive Arms with Active Shoulders, Passive Shoulders with Active Arms.


Lesson 189-Key to developing feel? Consistent use of a single source of motion. Trying to combine sources creates inconsistency-kills feel.


Lesson 190-For the best putters, putting is a subconscious effort. Using a consistent source of motion helps program your brain to the task.


Lesson 191-Program your brain part 2-Teach yourself to use a consistent source of motion at different speeds and stroke lengths.


Lesson 192-You can't blame you subconscious for a lack of input. The more specific and consistent the input the more effective the results.


Lesson 193-Practice strokes are only effective when they mimic what you intend to do. Conscious awareness to trigger a subconscious effort


Lesson 194- If you can't make a conscious decision about your stroke with a practice stroke, what chance to do you have on the actual putt?


Lesson 195 - Big difference between being mechanical in your putting stroke and understanding your stroke mechanics. Knowledge is powerful.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daily Lessons 176-185

Lesson 176-Putting practice is not like full swing practice. Why? You're putting stroke changes speed depending on the length of the putt.


Lesson 177-Feel for distance is developed in two ways. Mechanical or visual. It helps to know which you use to create productive practice.


Lesson 178-Example of mechanical feel? Pacing off putts to get an exact distance to the hole. Measurement triggers appropriate mechanics


Lesson 179-Visual feel? Letting your vision tell you how far. Easy to tell by the player who constantly looks from the ball to the hole.


Lesson 180-Think of feel on a sliding scale. Visual/perceptual at one end and mechanical at the other. Where do you fall on the scale?


Lesson 181-Hard to be a good putter if your concept of feel is at an extreme end of the scale. improve by finding a balance between the two.


Lesson 182-When practicing don't avoid your weaknesses. Visual players should understand mechanics. Mechanics should improve perception


Lesson 183-Feel is combination of how you judge distance, direction and create the appropriate putter speed and face position at impact


Lesson 184-How do you judge distance on the putting green? Is it accurate? If visual beware of illusions built into the green to fool you.