Monday, November 16, 2015

Final 10 Daily Lessons

Lesson 356-Test - Swing a number of putters with different face balance. Do you feel your grip pressure change as you change putters?


Lesson 357-Is there a similarity between how you release the putter in your putting stroke and how you release the club in your full swing?


Lesson 358-Examine your putting misses and look to your full swing for the answers. Path and release will provide some insight to your miss.


Lesson 359-Remember that shaft lag in a putting stroke is a bad thing. You can't change the shaft angle while in motion. Watch transition.


Lesson360-You use your dominant eye to aim. Either looking down the line or from side on. Moving your ball position will influence your aim.


Lesson 361-Final 5 Lessons. 1. Your eyes tell you where to stand. Don't fight your vision. Build your stroke based on where you see it best.


Lesson 362-Final 5-Your posture and distance from the ball determine the path shape and rotational requirements of your stroke.


Lesson 363-Final 5 3.Match putter balance to the rotational requirements of your path! Don't use a putter that fights your natural rotation.


Lesson 364-Final 5. 4. Chose a consistent source and sequence in your putting motion and never change it. There is no better way.


Lesson 365-No one was born a great putter! Knowledge of your stroke is power. Never trade what you know for what someone thinks they know.