Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Putting Advice continued...

Lesson 6 Poor putters fight their natural tendencies-Great putters use them and learn from them. Perfection comes from consistency!
Lesson 7. The putter arcs on a plane. The plane tilts in two directions-upright to flat & left or right. Best way is your way. #consistency
Lesson 8-All strokes have some directional bias or stroke plane tilt to the left or the right. Go with it! Swing the putter-don't steer it!
Lesson 8-Directional path of your golf stroke is a function of lateral spine tilt and source of motion. Tomorrow-effect of spine tilt.
Lesson 9-Spine tilt influences the path direction of your stroke. Spine toward the target-putter goes left-spine away putter swings right.
Lesson 10 Source of motion tilts the plane. 4 basic sources-lead arm, rear arm, shoulders rotate around spine, arms swing minimal shoulders.
Lesson 11 shoulder driven strokes and arm swing (S. Utley) around the spine strokes are direction neutral-putter should follow shoulder line

Lesson 12-Lead arm dominant (Stockton)tilts the stroke toward the player. Trail arm stroke (TWoods and others) tilts the path away.

Lesson 12-Lessons 7-12 determine path tilt. Inside out, outside in or something in between. All greats have it. Don't try to fix it. USE IT!

Lesson 13- Distance from the ball+spine tilt+source of motion=Your Putting Stroke. Solution to all problems is in that equation.

Lesson 14-Three ways to learn to putt. Copy a forced method. Copy another player or build your own method. The best always built their own.

Lesson 15-Learn your tendency, face position to path. Are you closed or open? Path tilt+/-face to path= square to the target? 

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Daily Lesson

Posting a Lesson a Day on Twitter @burntedgeputts. tell your friends and follow along.

Putting Lesson 1 Let your eyes tell you where to stand. Recommended postures only work if they allow accurate perception of the target line.

Lesson 2. Fit the putter to the player NOT player to the putter. Off the rack rarely fits.

Lesson 3 - Path Shape-Arc or straight? It is not a choice but a function of ball position and posture. Don't fight yourself.

Lesson 4 Learn how the relationship of putter face to path often differs from relationship of putter face to target.

Lesson 5! Every putting stroke has a rotational requirement and every putter has a rotational value. It helps when they match.