Sunday, October 25, 2015

Putting Lessons 344-355

Lesson 344-Too quick at takeaway or transition? Try changing the putter shaft to a heavier model with a softer flex. 

Lesson 345-"Slow down" is a stock putting recommendation. You might be better with lighter putters, using stiffer shafts and a faster tempo.

Lesson 346-When evaluating a putting training aid, be sure it matches the stroke plane of your stroke and putter is balanced to that shape. 

Lesson 347- How well does your putter balance to your practice aids? No amount of practice will over come faulty feedback from the putter. 

Lesson 348-A common putting tip is to have a light grip on the putter with no tension. Hard to do with a putter not balanced to your stroke. 

Lesson 349 - Grip pressure? Try to eliminate tension without losing control. It helps analyze grip pressure based on your source of motion. 

Lesson 350-Grip Pressure=Control. Do you have a dominant arm in your stroke? Focus on pressure of the dominant side and relax the other. 

Lesson 351-Grip Pressure-With a shoulder driven stroke you need equal pressure in both hands and firm enough to keep both wrists stable. 

Lesson 352-Arms around the spine with passive shoulders requires the lightest grip pressure of all sources of motion. Ultimate feel stroke. 

Lesson 353-If a robot swings Putter A, we see a vibration in the robot. Change to Putter B and no vibration. Problem with robot or putter? 

Lesson 354-The measurable vibration we see in a robot is why some putters don't feel "right". No amount of practice will change that feel. 

Lesson 355-A putter not balanced to the plane of the stroke will create inconsistent rotation along the plane and inconsistent results.