Thursday, December 4, 2014

11 Reasons for Missed Putts

Lesson 260-Lots of instructors can share what someone else has told them. Very few can tell you what they know to be true. Knowledge works.

 Lesson 261-Knowledge you need. How to match stroke to putt length to control speed. How to control the face at impact at different speeds.

Lesson 262-Never make a change in your putting strategy without a knowing why you are making the change. Wish and hope is a lousy strategy.

Lesson 263-Reasons for missed putts. #1 Visual interference. Perception of target line from side on position does not match actual = steer.

Lesson 264-Missed Putts/Reason 2. Mixed sources of motion. Shoulders back arms through or arms back and shoulders through? Complicated.

Lesson 265-Missed putts 3. Putter moves off plane during the stroke. Loops in the stroke, forced follow throughs, jumpy hands are all signs.

Lesson 266-Missed Putts 4.Wrong stroke length for needed distance. Most common? Too long for the short putts and too short on the long ones.

Lesson 267-#5 Bad timing. Too fast on short strokes-too slow on the long ones. Same time to impact regardless of stroke length is the goal.

Lesson 268-Missed putts 6. Steer or redirect the putter during the stroke. Some players know no other way. Always goes bad under pressure.

Lesson 269-Missed Putts 7.Steer caused by improper orientation of flat sided grip to clubface. It also makes it difficult to aim the putter.

Lesson 270-MissedPutts8-Players releases the putter based on how the putt breaks. Blocks a slice break and releases the toe on a hook break.

Lesson 271-MissedPutts#9-The rotational balance of the putter does not match the rotational requirement of the stroke. Who wins the fight?

Lesson 272-MissedPutts10-Makes a compensation based on a previous putt. Example? A push on one putt often results in a pull on the next one.

Lesson 273-MissedPutts11-The belief that weakness in your method and not errors in how you implement your method is why you missed the putt.