Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our friends at the TaylorMade Golf Company have recently introduced a new putter. The Daddy Long Legs+ is latest introduction of a counter weighted, ultra high moi putter. To learn more about this new model click the following link. http://www.golfwrx.com/312182/taylormade-releases-new-daddy-long-legs-putter/. 


By increasing the weight above the hands or counter weighting, and pairing it with one of the industry's most forgiving putter heads, the TaylorMade engineers have built one of the highest moi putters available. Those of you familiar with my previous work know I consider the entire putter when considering MOI and not just the head.  If you define high moi as resistance to twisting while in motion, then besides the weight distribution of the putter head, counter weighting increases putter moi, more total weight increases putter moi, face balance influences putter moi, grip size and weight, along with weight distribution from grip to head have an influence as well. All of these factors and more have been considered when they built the Daddy Long Legs+.  

In order to take full advantage of this engineering, there are two very important factors when fitting this putter to your stroke. The first has to do with hand placement on the putter. As you determine the length putter to buy, remember that all of the weight in the grip should be above your hands when you set up. So the proper length for you will be at least 2 inches longer than your normal fit requires.  Example, if you play a 35 inch conventional putter you will need the 38 inch model or if you buy the 36.5, choke down to a playing length of 34 or less.  Quite simply if you grip the putter at the end as you would normally, you eliminate the benefit of the counter weight.


Second, make absolutely sure your hands  are directly under your shoulders and over your toes when you set up to the ball, as illustrated by the gold circle in the fitting photo near right. How the rest of your body fits around this point of intersection is much less critical than the relationship of hands to shoulders and feet. First, this posture insures a balanced set up, which will help you stay stable when this heavier putter is in motion. Second, and more critical, when swinging a putter with increased overall weight, gravity becomes an issue as the putter moves. If your hands are too close to your body, as you go in motion, gravity attempts to pull your arms in line with your shoulders. This creates a backswing path on one line, and the putter coming back to the ball on a different path, manifests itself in consistent strikes on the heel of the putter. The same is true when your hands are too far away. Gravity and putter weight will pull them back under your shoulders while you are in motion. This will result is a loopy stroke with backswing and forward swing on different paths and a toe hit as well.


The final secret to using the Daddy Long Legs+ is more strategic. Once the putter is fit, your hands placed correctly on the putter, and you have developed a set up routine that aims the putter properly, with the hands positioned in the proper relationship to shoulders and feet, you have to swing the putter with no sense of direction!!! I know this sounds crazy but it is absolutely necessary with an extreme moi putter.   This putter is built to help you swing on a path determined by the direction the face is pointed. Any attempt by hands or arms to steer it, can move the putter offline, forcing you to correct the move. While this is difficult with any putter, it is almost impossible with a heavy, high moi model  to get the putter back on track. The trick is to focus on how far you need to take the putter back for the length of putt you have, rather than what direction you take the putter back. If you leave it alone this putter will track online all by itself.

Once you have your new Daddy Long Legs+ dialed in, the best way to develop a feel for this uninhibited motion is to practice with your eyes closed. Aim, set up, and then close your eyes and make the stroke. This drill will give you a keen sense of where the putter is balanced to swing.

If you are interested in trying this newest putter in the TaylorMade line or want to know if this model is a good option for you, you can contact me by commenting on this post, or contact me at The Fort Golf Resort in Indianapolis, Indiana.