Sunday, October 27, 2013

Putting Lessons Continued...

Lesson 36-Body alignment when putting is only important as it pertains to delivery of the putter at impact. Match alignment to your release.

Lesson 37-Match alignment to release? Closing the putter at impact? Set up closed. Hold the finish with the putter face up? Open your stance.

Lesson 38-You don't putt with your feet. Position your feet to balance your stroke NOT to determine direction the ball will leave the putter

Lesson 39-Great putters control impact. Poor putters worry about aim/alignment. Best Lesson? Teach yourself the feel of square at impact.

Lesson 40-Source of motion moves the hands. Hands control the putter. Controlling direction requires a knowledge of this relationship

Lesson41-Active or passive, the hands control the putter at impact=control direction ball leaves. #Consistent position to relative to path

Lesson 42-Putting stroke will work better if the hands only have one job-position of the clubface. Never accelerate putter with your hands.

Lesson 43-Source of motion swing the hands and hands control where face is pointed. Source of motion controls speed!! Never hands.

Lesson 44-Key to speed control is the ability to make the proper length stroke, for the distance required, without changing tempo or timing.

Lesson 45-Valuable knowledge-How long does it take from the start of your putting stroke until impact? Devices can measure this for you.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Daily Putting Lesson Continued

Lesson 26-You can't judge random. If every stroke is a little different the results will be as well. The best way is the most consistent way

Lesson 27-Looking for a consistent stroke? Starts with distance from the ball. Putter is a yardstick. Putter first, then build your stance.

Lesson 28-Track your results. A consistent miss is easier to fix than random make. Never change your mechanics based on inconsistent results!

Lesson 29-Dont separate stroke mechanics and green reading. Mechanics and tendencies influence the read. Example? ball speed and break.

Lesson 30-If the stroke is consistent the results will be consistent. Consistency eliminates guess work. Random fixes always fail.

Lesson 31-4 sources of motion. Left side/arm, right side/arm, rotate shoulders with passive arms, swing arms with passive shoulders. Choose!

Lesson 32- Combine sources of motion? NO Example, Left arm starts then stops as shoulders take over. Putter gets stuck and right hand flips.

Lesson 33-Conflicts in mechanics=missed putts. If you cant identify single motion source you are using more than one! Easy to fix. Pick ONE!

Lesson 34-Missed putts are easy to analyze. It is either speed or direction. When you judge the reason KNOW why dont ASSUME why.

Lesson 35-Analyzing misses. NEVER FORGET the ball goes where the face is pointed. Path Direction has minor effect! Control face not path.