Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring is here. Make more putts this season!

Lesson 305-You have to swing the putter based on the direction the ball needs to start and not where you hope it will finish.


Lesson 306-Precision putting comes from the preparation. Precision in stroke mechanics is a by-product of the preparation. Focus on prep.


Lesson 307-Best putting strokes occur when the player swings the putter with no sense of direction. Let the prep work do its job. NO STEER.


Lesson 308-Very few putting tips work for every putting style. Example-If you tend to hit pulls, release of the putter is not your problem.


Lesson 309-Putting Tips - Release the putter. For Tiger Woods this is great advice. for Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy, not so good.


Lesson 310-Putting Tips-Eyes over the ball. Doesn't work for everyone, so don't force it. Where your eyes should be is a personal discovery.


Lesson 311-Putting Tips-Use a Short Back Swing and Accelerate through the Ball. Disaster for many. Even pace and tempo is easier to control.


Lesson 312-Putting Tip-Take the hands out of the stroke? Your hands are the only contact with the club. Learn how to use-not eliminate them.


Lesson 313-"Shoulders drive the stroke" Not always. Some of the best putting strokes in history have been arm driven with passive shoulders.


Lesson 314-"Shoulders parallel to the target line" Depends on how you release the putter. Blockers prefer open, releasers a little closed.