Sunday, August 18, 2013

Robot Testing for Putter Accuracy.

Twice in the same day I read where someone used a robot to test the accuracy of putters. I don't know if this post is necessary but it will contribute to my own mental health and so I write.

Using a robot, when a ball is struck on the sweetspot and all other launch conditions are the same,  regardless of putter design the ball will react in a consistent manner as far as direction. So a high moi mallet and bullseye type blade will show the same results as far as direction the ball starts. Whether the robot swings on an arc like the Iron Archie robot developed by The Putting Arc people or on a vertical plane as developed by Dave Pelz's Perfy. Once the robot is calibrated to position the face correctly and each putter is positioned in the same manner the results will be the same. Consistent path direction, face angle and strike location = a consistent start direction. So any claims must start with the qualifier that results are based on your stroke never changing. 

So for testers to assume that putter design is not a factor in a human's ability to start the ball online is not applicable!!!! Why? Because robots make the same motion regardless of the implement attached and the balance has no influence. So once the robot is calibrated to make a stroke it wouldn't matter what you used as long as the face angle at impact remained the same. 

Humans will react to feel. I have miles of measurements that show over a short period of time how humans react to putter balance. The stroke changes based on what the player feels during the motion.

I spent some time recently with a very high level player. He has always struggled with his putting. After spending some time discussing his stroke, I made the suggestion to change putters to match the rotational requirement of his stroke. Feel now matched consistent mechanics. From the last conversation it sounds like it is going to work.

I guess my point is this. Don't let a marketing pitch or "experts opinion" keep you from being the best player you can be. The only testing that truly counts is the testing you do for yourself. 

Every putting stroke has a rotational requirement to control the face of the putter. Every putter has a rotational value. These values are measurable and predictable and when they match it is easier to swing the putter in a consistent manner. 

Every putting stroke as a directional bias that helps the player match the arc of the stroke to the target line at impact in a different manner. This mesh point of path, target line and face position is influenced by the offset of the putter and then fine tuned by the weight. Overall and distribution.

Get them all to match YOUR stroke and you are on your way to success.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Daily Putting Lesson Continued....

Lesson 16 Knowledge is power. Understanding the mechanics of your stroke is how you eliminate the mechanical thoughts during the stroke.

Lesson 17-Use your source of motion as the trigger to start your stroke. It takes the stroke out of your hands and enhances consistency.

Lesson 18-Build your putting routine based on the elements of your mechanics. Use your putter as the yardstick to build a consistent set up.

Lesson 19-You will have more success if you fit the putter to your posture and mechanics. Harder to change your mechanics to match a putter.

Lesson 20-Find the right putter! Fit shaft placement to the size of the arc, offset to release, weight to tempo.

Lesson 21-Easy to show how players react to different styles of putters. Better to find the correct one than mask the feel with "technology"

Lesson 22-Find the putter weight you can control for putts of all lengths. Heavy=slower Lighter=faster. What do you need?

Lesson 23-Match weight to timing and tempo. Looking for even paced stroke and a consistent amount of time. Too slow just as bad as too fast.

Lesson 24-Putter MOI is a function of more than how the weight is distributed in the putter head. Grip weight, shaft weight, all play a role.

Lesson 25-As with all things in putting, too much is as bad as not enough. High MOI putters do not rotate easily. Match MOI to your stroke.