Sunday, March 25, 2018

Finding the Correct Toe Hang

One of the most often asked questions I get at Burnt Edges Consulting, is for me to suggest the appropriate "toe hang" or more exactly degree of face balance a player should look for when selecting a new putter. It has taken a long time, but the manufacturers are finally building putters with the understanding of how toe hang fits the stroke, so players have more options than ever before.

At Burnt Edges we like to define the stroke before we measure. I have measured as many strokes as anyone and I have always failed the player when I let the technology define the method. Our success using this method allows us to know exactly what to look for when we do have the opportunity to measure the stroke, instead of comparing to what the technology suggests. It is then much easier then to find optimal for your stroke and the only changes we make are based on the player's preferences and tendencies.

This applies to putter fitting as well. Once the stroke is defined, we can then fit the putter to the definition we have determined is best and easiest to perform for that player. We believe the relationship of shaft axis to putter face and the subsequent toe hang of the putter to be a critical component of the fit. So going back to the introductory paragraph, how do we find the right face balance for your defined stroke.

It is impossible to speak to an individual requirement in this blog. Hence, the online instruction and fitting we offer. However, I can help narrow your choices for those of you just looking more something more than just the concept of arc or straight back and straight through. The following are the 3 basic postures we see in our fitting. Find the model that best matches your set up then start with what suits your set up.

Red look for 0-30 degrees of toe hang.
Blue look for 30-60 degrees.
Purple look for 60-90 degrees.

As always, if you have any questions or difficulty understanding the concepts I am easily reached using the Burnt Edges email address. Or, if your care to look at the problem in depth, we are currently taking a new round of clients in our online discussion.The details of our online offering can be found following this link

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Nine Putting Profiles- which one fits you?

Ten years ago we introduced our concept of Putting Profiles, utilizing known successful stroke patterns and finding the appropriate putter for each. Today the system is in use in 8 different countries with hundreds of users. The fun part has been that while many do not teach or consider all 9, all have used our system to help players use the Profiles they prefer. While originally intended as a putter fitting guide, it has become equally as useful on the instructional side of the discussion. 

But we haven't stopped there, as we continue to accumulate data, we have found how your Profile influences distance control and even how you read greens. If you are interested in learning more about the system and how it can benefit you as a player or your business as an instructor, you can contact us at

The 9 Profiles - Which one are you?