Sunday, February 16, 2014

Putting Lessons 146-155

Lesson 146-Position the putter first! The reason you should have the proper putter fit. Putter must match where your eyes tell you to stand.
Lesson 147-No method is so superior that it is worth fighting your vision. Never force the set up. Let your eyes tell you where to stand.
Lesson 148-Most putting issues are a result of visual conflicts. Where do you see it best? You can't copy someone else find your own set up.
Lesson 149-Good putters allow the putter to rotate as required by the putter path and then let the stroke path bring the putter to square.
Lesson 150-The putter path creates rotation and not the player. Keeping the putter-face consistent to path direction is more efficient.
Lesson 151-Hardest thing to do in putting is to not react to feel. The putter opens and closes naturally. Let it happen. Re-active fix=miss.
Lesson 152-The better the player the more sensitive the feel. Mid stroke corrections never work. Reaction is random. You can't fix random.
Lesson 153-Conformity ruins creativity. Without creativity there is no excellence. Don't let common advice ruin your chance to excel.
Lesson 154-When you miss a putt something obviously went wrong. Be very slow to make a judgement. The "fix" is often worse than the mistake.

Lesson 155-When you examine a miss remember the following. Short is a probably a miss-hit not a mis-read. Blaming your read is the easy way.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Putting Lessons Update.

Lesson 136-When the putter is aimed correctly at address-Left eye dominant players will tend to see this as left and adjust by aiming right.
Lesson 137-When aimed correctly a right eye dominant player will often "see" the putter aimed to the right and adjust by aiming more left.
Lesson 138-Solving the conflicts of lessons 136 & 137 will go a long way to improving your putting. Work with-don't fight your tendencies
Lesson 139-Understanding eye dominance is about learning how you interpret what you see. You might differ from the norm. Your way=best way.
Lesson 140-We have found former baseball players, tend to use their lead eye, even if it is not their "dominant" eye when standing side on.
Moral to the story of Lesson 133-140? You have to discover for yourself how your vision influences your putting stroke. Don't assume!
Lesson 141-Moral to the story of Lessons 133-140? Your have to discover for yourself how your vision influences your putting. Never assume!
Lesson 142-Proper Aim is more about accurate awareness of desired direction than the position of the putter at address. Find the line.
Lesson 143-Aim. Position the putter first. Then build your stance based on the position of the putter. Aim the putter-don't aim your body
Lesson 144-Position the putter first! To be consistent you need a consistent reference. Length and lie of the putter is that reference.

Lesson 145-Position the putter first. Your eyes will tell you where to stand with the putter as a reference. Build your stroke from there.