Sunday, April 19, 2015

365 Days of Putting Help. 315-324

Lesson 315-"Hit with an ascending blow?" The more you hit up, the more you need to make mechanical compensations to start the ball on line.


Lesson 316-I have never heard or read a putting tip that applies to every golfer. If it doesn't work for you, it just wasn't meant for you.


Lesson 317-Problems in your putting stroke are rarely what is visually obvious. EX. You didn't miss the putt because of the position of your feet.


Lesson 318-Putting problems are personal. They never are a result of not conforming to a "better method". Fixing your way is the best way.


Lesson 319-A combination of shoulders, arms and hands power the stroke. Hips, legs, and feet balance the moving parts. Separate but equal.


Lesson 320-When your body is in motion it will seek a position of balance. A key factor in putter fitting is to find a balanced posture.


Lesson 321-Balanced posture? Start with shoulders over toes and hips over heels. Hard to do? Bend your knees a little. Good shock absorbers.


Lesson 322-Consistent strikes on the toe or heel of the putter? Poor balance at setup is probably the issue. Weight shifts while in motion.


Lesson 323-Postures forced by teaching methods rarely work for long. Create your set up based on vision, balance and body type. #NoBestWay


Lesson 324-Maintaining your balance is just another reason to fit the putter to you, rather than forcing your posture to fit the putter.