Monday, November 3, 2014

More Putting Advice

Lesson 251-Over time, the flex of a shaft on a putter has a measurable influence on rhythm and timing. More flex=slower. Less flex=faster.

Lesson 252-Putting strokes develop over time, based on feed back. How the feel of the stroke relates to the results. Don't assume anything.

Lesson 253-A softer shaft flex in a golf club makes you more aware of the position of the head. The same is true with a putter.

Lesson 254-Ability to feel the head of the putter in motion is critical to having a feel for stroke length. Length of stroke=length of putt.

Lesson 255-Try to match the length of your practice stroke to the length of your putt. Otherwise you are just moving the putter. No benefit.

Lesson 256-The amount of rotation changes with stroke length. A feel for the proper stroke length helps you control speed and DIRECTION.

Lesson 257- Too many putts are missed because of the wrong stroke length. Too long for the short putts and too short for the long ones.

Lesson 258-Do you know your correct stroke length for putts in 3 foot increments? Best thing you can do for your game. Proper stroke length.

Lesson 259-Old adage of see it-feel it-roll it is good advice. How do you feel it? Stroke length! Not putter speed!