Sunday, January 12, 2014

Putting Lessons Continue 126-135

Lesson 126 -Track your misses. Improvement comes from an analysis of circumstance and result. Never sacrifice a strength, to fix a weakness.

Lesson 127-Track your misses. Look for patterns and tendencies based on circumstances. Focus your practice based on the your observations.

Lesson 128-Example of a common tendency? Right handed golfer misses a left to right putt, short and right consistently. Blocked release?

Lesson 129-There are three reasons for a missed putt. Poor mechanics, poor judgment, or a combination of the two. Blame mechanics first.

Lesson 130-When it comes to stroke mechanics there is no holy grail, no perfect method. Find what works for you, be consistent and adapt.

Lesson 131-Track your misses! Give consideration to putter influence on stroke. Are you using a mechanical method that matches your putter?

Lesson 132-Does your putter influence your stroke? Check your grip pressure. Too tight? You might have a conflict between path and putter.

Lesson 133-Aiming a putter is a process. First step in the process? Find your dominant eye. 

Lesson 134-Left eye players aim most accurately with the ball forward in their stance. Right eye are more accurate when the ball is back.

Lesson 135-You will aim best when the ball is under your dominant eye. Is this the best ball position for your stroke?