Friday, December 14, 2007

SMT Golf and The United States Golf Academy join forces for Limited Edition putter

Oswego, Illinois - SMT Golf is proud to announce the result of many months of close collaboration with The United States Golf Academy in Plymouth Indiana with their first entry into the putter market. The 2008 Inaugural Edition - 1500 piece limited edition model putter. SMT Golf has been working with United States Golf Academy Director of Golf, Pat Bayley and Director of Instruction, Bruce Rearick, not only to put together a fantastic opening entry into the putter market, but to assemble a completely unique total golf package to help golfers long term enjoyment of the game through education and customer service. SMT Golf owner and award winning clubhead designer Mike Tait had this to say about their new Inaugural Edition Putter. "We were all quite aware of just how special this project was right from the very start. It is very rare to get a bunch of guys in the room and immediately see that the goal for this putter was what we could do for the golfer and what would be best for them, instead of looking at it through the bank account" Tait went on to say "This putter is the first of several planned, and to make this one even more special, we limited the production numbers to only 1500 numbered pieces worldwide. This putter comes with a complete package for the golfer but perhaps the most important thing, is that the first 1500 customers will be the first members invited to the next offering which will include something quite spectacular for each of these special guests". Tait concluded, "Certainly we are aware that there is plenty of competition out there for the golfer's hard earned money, we wanted each customer to be a special part of a rather small club, to offer overall value and to service their needs like no other company has ever even attempted before. It is about so much more than just selling putters for us. It is about helping golfers to play and enjoy playing the game of golf again". Bruce Rearick, Director of Instruction at the United States Golf Academy adds, "The challenge was to create a putter that everyone could use successfully. The Inaugural Edition has very little bias, either perceived or actual, in weight or balance. This was conceived by using what we have found during thousands of fitting sessions with golfers of all skill levels at the Academy, and achieved by using a slightly different neck design than found on a traditional putter head. Because of this design feature, and others, we have created a putter that swings away from the ball without influence and has more stability at impact, creating less torsion on the shaft, resulting in a consistently solid feel and sound". Each putter comes with SMT Golf's famous 100% Lifetime Warranty and matching headcover, as well as complete customer value package valued at well over $1,000.00 per putter. For more information on the Inaugural Edition Putter, or to reserve your own custom putter, call SMT Golf at 888-693-4001 today. Dealer inquiries welcome. To participate in discussion on this and other topics, check out the SMT Discussion Forum from the SMT Golf website at SMT Golf, The Winningest Component Company In The History Of Golf, and the first and only company to win each division of the RE/Max World Long Drive Championship, and the "Longest driver on any PGA Tour", built its reputation on the highest quality products with unsurpassed performance and durability. SMT drivers, hybrids, irons, and wedges are designed for golfers of all skill levels who expect the most out of their golf clubs. SMT Golf is based in Oswego, Illinois. For more information about SMT Golf or their great lineup of products available for 2007, visit their website at

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