Sunday, May 16, 2010

Choosing a Golf Ball.

Let’s start this week with a riddle. What is the one piece of golf equipment used for every shot you play? Give up? It is the golf ball. One more question. How do you decide what ball you will use during a round of golf? The most popular answers are: “Any ball I can find”, “Whatever someone will give me”, or “the ones I got for Christmas.” From the United States Golf Academy point of view these are not the answers we are looking for from people trying to shoot lower scores or play more consistent golf.

Now at this point in the discussion we usually hear the ball doesn’t matter. That is just not true. The advances in golf ball technology are leaps and bounds past the advances in other equipment. In addition, there is a much greater range of performance in golf balls. Some fly high, some fly lower. Some spin, some don’t. Some work better at slower speeds; some are built for only the fastest. All these selections require some thought as to which one would best suit your game. As you evaluate your choices, try to do it without thought to distance. Everyone wants a golf ball that goes farther and you can easily choose a ball that will help you find some more distance. But, achieving that goal with a golf ball choice skips some important aspects of your game. For example, ask yourself this question. Could you use some help stopping the ball on the green? A different golf ball might just be the solution.

Why does this matter? Simply put, each time you change golf ball models you have to change how you play. It may seem like a small thing, but when the ball ends up in a bunker or off the back of the green, or 20 yards shorter than you expect, those results might been influenced by the golf ball you chose for the day. I have yet to see a golfer yet who would not benefit from some consistency and it is tough to be consistent when you change equipment for every round. How can you predict what club to hit if you’re uncertain how the ball might fly? By finding a ball you like and sticking with it, you might find some confidence that you have chosen the correct club. If you are looking for some help keep us in mind. On Sunday June 13th, Rock Ishi, Golf Ball Designer for Nike will be at the Academy from 11p.m.-3p.m. for a seminar on how to find the right ball for you. This is free, open to the public and a rare opportunity to learn from the source on how to find the best golf ball for you.

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