Thursday, November 4, 2010

Putting Advice

It is an established fact that when putting the face angle at impact contributes 82% of the putts direction. Putter path is 18%. Incoinsistent path direction is one of the most common issues for all putting strokes. The reason is due to the necessity to rebuild posture and alignment for every stroke. The best putters are consistent in their alignment but not necessarily exact. Great putters always show a directional bias. We think it is due to how they see the task best. In a recent article Jack Nicklaus admits to left eye dominance. He found that an open stance with his eyes over the line of the putt is where he saw it best. Regardless, this consistent posture / alignment created a consistent path that was not necessarily straight or down the line. There is no doubt that a flat reminder on a grip can assist in keeping the putter square to the path. But what if the path is not on the intended line? Odds are you won't change the path direction, it won't look right so you steer the putter to try and make the putt. Imagine we build a robot that looks just like you. The key factor in a robot making a putt is how the putter is attached to the robot. No grips on putters for robots. So what we found is that for some players with very consistent postures and setups it is easier to attach the putter using a round grip. Using a round grip is easier than getting a flat surface at the perfect angle.

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