Thursday, January 5, 2012

Limited offering to join Burnt Edges Consulting

2011 marks my 33rd year as a Golf Professional. I started as a teacher’s assistant for Chick Harbert at the Ocean Reef Club in the fall of 1978. I played professionally on and off for three seasons, until I was hired at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club, in 1981. I worked for Mr. Palmer for 17 years, the first 6 at Bay Hill, and then for 11 years as the Head Golf Professional at the Latrobe Country Club. In my time working for Mr. Palmer I was introduced and had access to some of the very best players in the world. Mr. Palmer, Dow Finsterwald, Payne Stewart, Greg Norman, and Scott Hoch, are just the player we worked with every day. Thanks to Mr. Palmer the list of those we had access to from time to time is as extensive as you might imagine. One constant of those days was a search for answers as to how they became so skilled. What was different about these great players from the hundreds I met that didn’t quite make it?

The second part of my career was a quest to find an answer to that question. I worked very hard and for the right people to become as familiar with the latest golf diagnostic technology. Two in particular stand out, Science and Motion Puttlab for Putting and the Trackman Ball Flight monitoring system for full shots. These were, and continue to be, the most accurate systems available. I have spent everyday of the past 10 years using this equipment and documenting the results. In short, this technology has provided the answers to the questions of my early career. I now have a better sense of why some were success and some not.

As a reader of the blog you might be familiar of my research and findings concerning the putting stroke, putter fitting and the benefits of connecting the two. Burnt Edges Consulting is my initial offering to share these discoveries. As a client of Burnt Edges Consulting you have unlimited access to all the information. We will literally write an instruction manual based specifically on applying our findings to you. Many of my professional colleagues have signed on to use the information and system to improve their own instruction techniques.

A fee of $175.00 is paid as an annual retainer. This gives you unlimited access one on one. I am in contact with my clients on almost a daily basis. I have also expanded the offer to blog readers to include anything related to golf and your swing. Online video evaluation, theoretical discussions, equipment fitting and recommendations, whatever your needs are, you will have access to the best information available, either through myself or my contacts.

Thanks for considering my offer. As you can imagine availability is limited. If you have an interest, please respond to and I can sedn you some additional information. I have references available and glad to answer any questions you might have.


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