Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tiger Woods update

Dear Mr. Woods, .....


I watched with interest yesterday after your conversation with Steve Stricker. I noticed you are still struggling with shutting the putter. It looked much better but I saw it on a couple of putts. One of which you made, which is a bit unfortunate because of the false sense of accomplishment. We both know shut doesn't work for you over the long term, so positive feedback on the shut stroke has to be considered a negative. You don't need me to tell you, you don't want to rely on luck.

I think the problem comes from the putter and here is my reasoning why. One of the marketing points of your Method putter was that the milling the grooves in the face moved 30% of weight to the heel and the toe, increasing the MOI of the head of the putter. You have also added weight to the putter by going to a cord grip instead of the PingMan, also increasing the overall MOI of the putter.

I know from my work using PuttLab that an increase in putter MOI will have a direct influence on the rotation in the stroke. Higher MOI = less rotation. It seems like a great idea when you read it; less rotation has to be better, except in your case! You have been very consistent in your comments about getting the putter to swing. I know from seeing your PuttLab reports you putt best when you have MORE rotation than is required not less. I would suggest filling the groves with a heavier material, drilling some weight out of the heel, and going back to the weight of your PingMan grip. If we remove the influence of the putter, I think you will find it easier to work the toe away from the ball and get back where you wish to be.

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