Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Putting Advice continued...

Lesson 6 Poor putters fight their natural tendencies-Great putters use them and learn from them. Perfection comes from consistency!
Lesson 7. The putter arcs on a plane. The plane tilts in two directions-upright to flat & left or right. Best way is your way. #consistency
Lesson 8-All strokes have some directional bias or stroke plane tilt to the left or the right. Go with it! Swing the putter-don't steer it!
Lesson 8-Directional path of your golf stroke is a function of lateral spine tilt and source of motion. Tomorrow-effect of spine tilt.
Lesson 9-Spine tilt influences the path direction of your stroke. Spine toward the target-putter goes left-spine away putter swings right.
Lesson 10 Source of motion tilts the plane. 4 basic sources-lead arm, rear arm, shoulders rotate around spine, arms swing minimal shoulders.
Lesson 11 shoulder driven strokes and arm swing (S. Utley) around the spine strokes are direction neutral-putter should follow shoulder line

Lesson 12-Lead arm dominant (Stockton)tilts the stroke toward the player. Trail arm stroke (TWoods and others) tilts the path away.

Lesson 12-Lessons 7-12 determine path tilt. Inside out, outside in or something in between. All greats have it. Don't try to fix it. USE IT!

Lesson 13- Distance from the ball+spine tilt+source of motion=Your Putting Stroke. Solution to all problems is in that equation.

Lesson 14-Three ways to learn to putt. Copy a forced method. Copy another player or build your own method. The best always built their own.

Lesson 15-Learn your tendency, face position to path. Are you closed or open? Path tilt+/-face to path= square to the target? 

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