Sunday, November 3, 2013

Daily Putting Lessons 46 - 55

Lesson 46-Relate length of stroke to time. Practice. Count 1-2-3 at your natural pace. Start putter first and then count-Hit the ball on 3.

Lesson 47-Putter loft at impact influences ball speed off the putter, which determines how far the ball rolls. Focus on where more than how.

Lesson 48-Our research with Puttlab shows better players deloft ( forward shaft lean) the putter on longer putts. Less loft = more speed.

Lesson 49-Better to control loft of putter at impact than force acceleration looking for correct speed. Forced strokes = random results.

Lesson 50-Better to tilt posture than move hands to control loft at impact. Weight on Back foot = More loft. Front foot = Less loft.

Lesson 51 - When you understand and use a single source of motion consistently, you are better prepared to adapt to changing conditions.

Lesson 52- You can't change how a ball rolls! You can influence when and where it starts to roll, but that is all the influence you have.

Lesson53-Once a ball begins to roll, where it goes is out of your control! Gravity and friction take over. You control the start not finish.

Lesson 54-Focus your efforts on hitting the ball in the middle of the clubface.  Path direction is only an issue with off center strikes!

Lesson 55-The desired result of a consistent path is to hit the ball on a consistent point on the clubface. Not to control direction!

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