Saturday, March 1, 2014

Putting Lessons 156-165

Lesson 156-Never change mechanics or read based on a single miss. Consistently wrong is better than randomly correct. You can't fix random.
Lesson 157-Putters have a rotational value defined by shaft axis to face, offset, distribution of weight and location of cog in putter head
Lesson 158-Arc size defines rotation. It heps to match grip size to rotation requirement. Bigger for less rotation. Smaller grip for more.
 Lesson 159-Some of the great putting strokes of all time use more rotation than required by their path. Shoulders-arms-putter move in sync.
Lesson 160-SBST motion is simply an arc plane tilted upright. Perception of stroke must match posture. Don't force the arc.
Lesson 161-Don't be fooled by terminology. SBST sounds good, but in reality a very unforgiving method. Arc is more forgiving than straight.
 Lesson 162-All putting strokes are rotary. Even those on an upright plane with the visual appearance of sbst. Think rotation-not path shape.
 Lesson 163-Don't make changes based on illusions. Deal with the facts to avoid conflicts. Most common conflict? Perception of a sbst stroke.
Lesson 164-Before you can putt instinctively you must make a conscious effort to learn the task correctly. Putting is not an inherent skill.

 Lesson 165-Common knowledge leads to common application of knowledge. Uncommon knowledge is what separates the great player from the common.

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