Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lesson 325-Most important putting fundamental? Balance. Maintain your stability during the stroke. Balance your putter to your motion. 

Lesson 326-Do you prefer certain breaks in putts? Not always about visual preferences. How you release the putter can create favorites also. 

Lesson 327-RH blockers often prefer right to left putts. Releasers-left to right. A preferred break is a product of face to path tendencies. 

Lesson 328-Stroke or Steer-On the backswing do you try to trace the line on the putter or ball or do you allow the putter to swing naturally? 

Lesson 329-@PaulAzinger  said on the Open telecast that great players are "clubface aware". Probably the best putting tip I have ever heard. 

Lesson 330-To be "face aware" while putting, you have to associate the position of the club face to your source of motion. Not target line. 

Lesson 331- Face Aware-Understanding the proper amount of rotation for your source of motion and matching that to what is required by path. 

Lesson 332-The balance of your putter can influence your stroke. Test. Mimic your stroke with no putter, then try the same stroke with one. 

Lesson 333-Perform test from Lesson 332 motion of hands without putter is the natural stroke. How does your putter influence your hands?

Lesson 334-A putter that is too heavy increases the influence of the putter over the hands. Any manipulated hand movement is exaggerated.

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