Friday, July 10, 2015

Putting Lessons 334-343

Lesson 334-A putter that is too heavy increases the influence of the putter over the hands. Any manipulated hand movement is exaggerated.

Lesson 335-A putter that is light in weight does not provide enough feedback to the player during the stroke. Inconsistent path & rotation.

Lesson 336-Finding the right weight is very important in helping distance control. Best place to start is tempo. What is your best tempo?

Lesson 337- What suits you best? Long strokes at a slower pace or shorter strokes at a quicker pace? What weight helps your tempo?

Lesson 338-Fine tune your putter weight? What is your typical miss? More weight will move the ball to the right and less will move it left.

Lesson 339-Extremes don't make something better. Particularly true when evaluating putters. Lead tape a little at a time can work wonders.

Lesson 340-Biggest influence of weight is at three points in the stroke. The takeaway, transition backswing to forward swing and at impact.


Lesson 341-Never use green speed to evaluate the appropriate putter weight for you! Find the weight you can control and then adapt to speed.


Lesson 342- Choosing the proper weight will depend on the rotational value of the putter you chose. Chose putter design first, then weight.


Lesson 343-Good places to add weight to assist distance control? Start with above the hands or at the balance point on the shaft.

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