Monday, April 8, 2019

DIY Putterfitting 3

You can make a very strong argument that how you place your hands on the putter, and the grip style you use, have as much influence on aim as your vision. Do you twist your arms to match what you see? If so you need a different grip.

The problem comes from how your arms attach to the club. Just because you have a reminder or flat portion of the grip square to the face, that doesn't mean your arms fit that orientation. There are a couple of tests. The easiest one is to grip the club in an aimed position. Now close your eyes and hold the putter up off the ground so your arms have to support the weight of the club. Now open your eyes. Has the putter turned left or right? If so you have a situation where the natural orientation of your hands and arms don't match what you see. Typically, when you go in motion your arms and hands will move to the point of least stress. This might twist the club to a position that is not square to the target line.

One of the least popular suggestions I make, is to suggest a round grip on your putter. In most cases this is the fix for this issue. This eliminates the problem of your feel for square not matching what square looks like. Just aim the putter. Put you hands on the grip, then hit the putt. Look for a consistent miss. You might have to adjust how you place your hands, but at least the grip orientation will not interfere with your adjustment. You can do the same thing with a reminder grip, but the chances of getting your hands to match the grip when you adjust, are few.

I know this might sound "out there" but think about this. Why do some players constantly change how they place their hands on the club? Or change to claw or left hand low. After years of solving this with a round grip, I have come to the conclusion that what they feel doesn't match what they see.

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