Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finding a Consistent Golf Swing.

A common request of the instructors at the United States Golf Academy is for some consistency in our customer's golf games. Most of our students, as well as those of you we haven't met, can hit good golf shots. I know this to be true,because if you haven't, you would have quit playing by now. But why are those good shots are so infrequent?

First, you have to understand that consistency is a matter of choice and not talent. You
have to choose to do the same things every time you strike a golf shot. Approach each shot the same way. Pre-shot decisions, set up, how you swing the club back, how far you swing the club back and the speed with which you swing the club are all things that you can decide to control. No one ever missed a golf shot because they did things the same way for every shot. They miss the shot because they DID NOT do the same things in the same way. 

Choosing a routine, starting the swing in the same manner, using the same length of swing
each time, and swinging the club with the same rhythm and timing, is not easy to do. It will not guarantee perfect results. Sorry, it isn't that easy. What it will do for your game is give you a frame of reference to make the correct changes. One of my favorite sayings is that you cannot judge random. Golf requires us to predict the results of our efforts. If I have 100 yards to the hole and you make a swing, with a certain club, will the ball go the required distance? If you make a random swing at the ball, each time a little different from the time before, can you predict the outcome of the swing? Not likely and even if you do perform well what was different from those times you missed.

So how can we become more consistent? Create a check list. Start with choosing a target and a club. Then position yourself for the shot. How do you start the swing? How far can I swing the club into my backswing before I lose my balance? How
fast can I go before I lose control of the club? Answer these questions and
then regardless of the results of the previous shot, do it again. Keep doing it until the round is over. Then and only then judge the results of the day. What you will find is with consistency comes a sense of knowledge. You will have a much better grasp of what to try and fix. Certain types of misses come from different aspects of the swing. Club control influences direction, alignment, spin, balance, solid contact. What you will also find is with consistent swings, come consistent misses. The consistent miss is always easier to fix than the random ones.

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