Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Golf's Three Rules for Success

We spend a lot of time talking about what it takes to be a
better golfer. We talk about creating a routine, finding a technique that works
for you, rhythm and timing? all of these are important in your goal for lower
scores. But no matter what your skill level, there are some rules about playing
this game that apply to everyone. I call them the Three Rules for Success and
whether you are a beginner or the best player in the world, they are things we
have to remember and work on every time we are on the golf course.

Rule #1. You Can't Play Mad. Anger destroys golf scores. I
define golf course anger as the inability to accept the results of your
efforts. How many times have you seen a player hit a poor shot into a lake, get
mad and turn right around and hit the next shot worse than the previous one? Or
it can be more subtle than that, you pull a drive slightly to the left and then
hit the next shot right of your target, trying to fix the mistake of the
previous shot. Or hit a putt too far only to leave the next putt short. All of
these are examples of not accepting the results of your effort.  Regardless of how disappointed you are in a
golf shot, you have to remember that the next one counts and your efforts
should be focused on playing that shot. Curtis Strange, two times US Open
Champion, was famous for his temper on the golf course. His advice was, "You
can get as mad as you like on the walk from the green to the next tee. By the
time you get to the tee you had better be over it."

Rule #2. You Can't Play Afraid. You have to play the game
assuming the shot will come off as planned. Swinging harder to make sure the
ball gets over the water, hitting a putt short because you are afraid to hit
the putt past the hole are both are good examples of playing afraid. You have
to play the shot with confidence and not be afraid of the outcome. You
certainly can't get mad at a shot you were afraid of missing in the first
place. If you get to that point you start to infringe on Rule #3.

Rule #3. You Can't Quit. When it gets so bad you want to
throw your clubs in the lake, keep playing. You never know what might happen.
You might learn something about your swing. You might make your lowest score
ever on a certain hole. You might get the satisfaction of turning a terrible
round into a respectable one. I have always felt you can learn a lot if you can
hit some really bad shots and really good shots in the same round. A comparison
of the results will teach you something.

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