Monday, May 26, 2014

Putting Lessons 196-205

Lesson196-Stroke mechanics? Use this definition to start. What body parts move and in what sequence? Verbalize your sequence as a reference.


Lesson 197- Ability to verbalize your putting stroke will help you be more consistent and eliminate mechanical thoughts DURING the stroke.


Lesson 198-Verbalize your putting stroke? Here is one example of many successful strategies. Left shoulder back - left arm through. Try it!


Lesson 199-An example for right sided players. Right shoulder back-Right hand to the ball. Important-Shoulder controls backswing length!


Lesson 200- Shoulders around spine? Verbalize as "turn back and turn through". Say it in the same rhythm and timing as you swing the putter.


Lesson 201-Arms swing around the spine? Verbalize left arm back and right arm through. Complicated, but if done right can be very effective


Lesson 202-Verbalize your stroke. Now say it to yourself. Now say it as you imagine yourself hitting a putt. Mental training of your motion.


Lesson 203-Source of motion influences length of backswing and follow through. Ex. Trail arm strokes are longer back and shorter through.


Lesson 204-Source of motion influences length of backswing and follow through. Lead arm stroke is shorter back with a longer follow through.

Lesson 205-Shoulders or arms around spine are most effective when the backswing and forward swing past the ball, match. Think of a pendulum.

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