Saturday, July 12, 2014

Putting Lessons 206-220

Lesson 206- Lessons 203,204&205 are based on the physical restrictions of the source of motion. Better to go with it, rather than fight it.

Lesson 207-You can't ignore your stroke mechanics. Even if you describe yourself as a feel player. Develop a personal strategy-stay with it.

Lesson208-Think of feel and mechanics on a sliding scale. All Feel at one end and All Mechanics at the other. Where do you fall on the scale?

Lesson 209-Mechanics or Feel? Find a Balance. Focus your practice time on improvement of the weaker rather than perfection of the stronger.

Lesson 210-Feel players tend to have great distance control. Mechanics superior control of direction. What does your putting strategy need?

Lesson 211-Different putter designs have a different feel in motion and at impact. Putter fitting is all about matching feel with motion.

Lesson 212-Building a putting strategy? It helps to make mechanical decisions first and then focus on feel. Change mechanics=change in feel.

Lesson 213-Build a stroke you can repeat. Don't be fooled by "best way" theories. No one ever won a major copying another player's stroke.

Lesson 214 - Depending on the expert, putter path has a 5-18 % influence on direction. If so, what is the value of parallel alignment? None!

Lesson 215-Putting has different requirements than full swing. A ball rolling is different than ball in flight. You can't control the curve!

Lesson 216-Instead of forced body alignment and manipulated putter face, why not try an alignment that supports how YOU release the putter?

Lesson 217-How do you release the putter? Three basic types: Hold-lead hand dominates. Square-hands work in sync. Full-trail hand over lead. Lesson

Lesson 218-Match alignment to release. Hold - Open stance, Square - Parallel alignment, Full - Closed set up. Don't fight yourself!

Lesson 219-Match body alignment to release. Matching release to a forced posture forces you to manipulate the release of the putter as well.

Lesson 220-Putter grip has influence on the amount of rotation you have in your stroke. Feel can be misleading-better to match size to need.

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