Friday, January 23, 2015

More Putting Help.

Lesson 290-Putting slump? Think - Hit on the short ones to control impact and swing through the ball on the longer ones to control speed.


Lesson 291-Hard to have any hit in your stroke with a heavy putter. Hard to swing a light one. What is the right weight for your technique?


Lesson 292-Struggle to start the ball on line? Try changing swing weight of your putter. Too Heavy = Pulls. Too Light = Pushes.

Lesson 293-It is easier to teach your hands how to swing the putter than to react to your visual perception of the stroke with your hands.


Lesson294-There is a flat spot in every putting stroke path. It is the most consistent place to strike the ball. Fewer compensations needed.


Lesson 295-Try to match the flat portion of your stroke to the target line. Easier with a tilted ARCING plane than a SBST vertical plane.


Lesson 296-Yes I said it! Lesson 295. ARC is more forgiving stroke than SBST. Easier to keep the putter online through the impact zone.


Lesson 297- Do you have a favored type of putt? What makes that putt easier? Example- Decel Blockers like downhill Right to Left putts.


Lesson 298-Mechanics and timing often change depending on the requirement of the putt. Favored putts can identify weaknesses in your method.


Lesson 299-The reason for different strokes depending on the break is often the appearance of the hole relative to your alignment.


Lesson 300-Learn the difference between target and end result. Hole is always the end result, but it is the target on straight putts only.


Lesson 301-Where do you look at as you prepare to putt, your target or the hole? Looking at the wrong spot common fault on missed putts.


Lesson 302-Initial direction and initial ball speed are the parameters that determine a make or miss. Focus on them and not the end result.


Lesson 303-Spend some time practicing without the hole as a target. Can you start the ball on a chosen line and roll it specific distance?


Lesson 304-Matching the mechanics of hitting a putt to the requirements of a breaking putt is hard. Stroke doesn't control the curved path.


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