Saturday, January 10, 2015

You can improve your Putting!

Lesson 273-MissedPutts11-The belief that weakness in your method and not errors in how you implement your method is why you missed the putt.

Lesson 274-There is too much luck involved to make decisions based on one missed or even one made putt. Focus on the process!


Lesson 275-Lighter = Faster. Heavy=Slower. Consistent speed issues? Start with those two equations. Beware of heavier is better marketing.


Lesson 276-Moving the balance point of the putter changes the release point of the stroke. Higher = Later = Push, Lower = Earlier = Pull.

Lesson 277-Can you roll a ball a pre-defined distance with your eyes closed? A poorly fit putter inhibits creating a feel for distance.

Lesson 278-Players using putters that don't fit their rotational requirements find themselves consistently coming up short of the hole!

Lesson 279-Compensations in your stroke will often be the source of problems finding the right speed. Poor putter fits create compensations.

Lesson 280-Let the putter swing a little as you go through your green reading ritual. It will help you create a feel for what you see.

Lesson 281-When you make a practice stroke do it with the same length and tempo you intend to use with the actual putt.

Lesson 282-Remember for every putt it is the first time you have ever attempted this exact one. Treat it as such. Take nothing for granted.

Lesson 283-Read every putt, even though you think you know what the putt will do. That habit will make you more observant when you need it.


Lesson 284-As you read a putt remember the ball is rolling and not flying to the target. The ground controls movement not you!


Lesson 285- Pay more attention to WHERE the ball rolls rather than HOW the ball rolls. No extra credit for a good roll that misses the cup.


Lesson 286- Can you feel the ground with your feet at setup? If not, your weight is too far toward your toes or heels. Balanced is best.


Lesson 289-The heavier the weight of the putter the less influence toe hang has on rotation. What do you need, more or less? Most need more.


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