Sunday, February 8, 2015

Considering a Putting Lesson?

When someone comes to me for help with their putting, no matter what the level of expertise, I am looking for answers to the following questions. I never want to take something for granted, so regardless of the player's opinion I stick with this outline. It has proven to be better to apply what the player knows after the lesson than before.

Hopefully, the following advice will help you get the most out of your lesson.

1. Vision. Are we set up in a position that maintains an accurate perception of the target line? I am more concerned that you know where the line is than where the putter is pointed.

2. Does the stroke match the setup? Does the putter move on the appropriate arc defined by your distance from the ball.

3. Is the putter fit for setup and balanced to the stroke? 

4. Does the player use a consistent sequence of motion?

5. Does the player use length of stroke to control distance?

6. What compensations to putter design are necessary to allow for a player's natural tendencies?

7. Does the player read greens with an understanding of his mechanical tendencies. Example, inside out or hook strokes create faster initial ball speeds than hold or cut strokes.

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