Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Finding the right Putter Design.

A few years ago, Byron Morgan built 6 putters for me. 3 different hosel locations with 2 different offsets. Over the course of owning the putters I have used them to help people discover which putter design best suited their stroke. We have a number of tests that we use.

The tests have not been as successful as I would have liked. Not because of the information they provide. Far from it. It is because when the player learns which putter works best for them and what "finished" putters would correspond to their discovery, they run scared. "I could never use a putter like that."

So now after documenting the results over a period of time, we have enough data to share which of the putters was the most efficient for the most players.

Want to guess? You have center, mid, and heel shaft locations - full and no offset. P.S. The center shafts are face balanced.
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