Friday, May 20, 2011

Golf Game Help a Little at a Time

Early on this year I took on the challenge of posting one golf tip a day on our United States Golf Academy website blog. The rules were simple. I could only use what has become the modern day limit of 140 characters and spaces or less. My challenger thought I was too “wordy” and the modern day reader was looking for smaller bits of information. So the following are the first 15 of what now numbers 100 daily tips. I hope they provide some answers to your golf game struggles.
Lesson 1-The ball goes where the clubface is pointed at impact. The clubface is controlled by the hands.
Lesson 2-Fix your grip! Top hand-shaft at base of the fingers thumb on top. Bottom hand-fingers grip shaft-palm covers the top hand thumb. No Gaps!
Lesson 3-Review. Face controls ball-hands control face. Next-arms control hands. We swing the arms. Think -lead arm leads. Rear arm follows.
Lesson 4-Position the arms. Lead arm extended on top of chest. Follow arm bent elbow points toward hip. Shoulders follow arms.
Lesson 5-Arms swing-shoulders guide. Shoulders create swing path & direction. Path to face produces spin-Shoulders control directional spin.
Lesson 6-Shoulders determine path, Path creates spin. Spin curves the ball. Fix the curve? Fix the shoulders.
Lesson 7-Hands on the club-Club behind the ball-Aim the face, arms and shoulders will follow the hands. Top half in position THEN SET FEET.
Lesson 8-Good balance = good shots. Key to Balance? Feet under shoulders! Place feet under shoulders-NOT- twist shoulders over feet. BIG DIFFERENCE.
Lesson 9- Ball position. If you build your stance-club to ball-then hands-then shoulders-then feet. Adjustments for ball position are easier.
Lesson 10- Time to swing? Time to choose. Arms around body? Or turn shoulders and lift the arms? Great players both ways. Which one are you?
Lesson 11-Arms around backswing. Left arm swings across the chest as right hip clears-turn shoulders and hinge wrists to finish backswing.
Lesson 12-Arms up backswing. Shoulders turn then arms lift to finish backswing. Downswing-lateral weight shift as arms lead forward swing.
Lesson 13- A golf swing is not as much what you do as when you do it. Sequence of motion and timing, the critcal elements of the golf swing.
Lesson 14- Arms up or arms around, the sequence of motion for each is different. Don't mix and match! Learn the correct moves for your swing.
Lesson 15- Review. Arms around. 1.Lead arm across chest 2.Turn shoulders and hinge wrists to top Downswing-Knees and hips lead-hands follow.
Lesson 16-Review Arms Up. Backswing-turn shoulders and lift arms to finish backswing. Downswing-Arms lead as body turns in sync with arms.

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