Friday, May 27, 2011

Lesson 94-107

Lesson 94-Playing strategy. Don't let greed waste shots. Find a target within your range. Pin seeking=higher stress=potential missed shot.
Lesson 95-Short Game-Touch and feel beats perfect technique everytime! Short shots are all about clubface control and how you create speed.
Lesson 96-Trying to get better does not mean starting over. No best method! The ball doesn't care. Tweak don't overhaul is a good guideline.
Lesson 97-Patience-The most valuable personal trait for a golfer is patience. Golf is progressive-One shot leads to the next. Play them all.
Lesson 98-Patience-Patience is using your routine for every shot. Patience means not judging until the end. Patience is one shot at a time.
Lesson 99-Patience-Create a plan. Bad shot? Start new plan. I.E. Reachable par 5-easy 4. Bad tee shot? Don't make 6 trying to save the plan.
Lesson 100-Patience- Try not to anticipate a score. Easy holes can be difficult, difficult holes can be easy. One great shot can change all.
Lesson 101-Golf is a dance and not a wrestling match. Staying in rhythm while so many things are trying to take you out is a key to success.
Lesson 102- Feel-Feel is the ability to know where the club is at all points of your swing without having to look at it. Feel can be taught.
Lesson 103-Feel can be taught. Focus on the gloved hand! How far did it move and how fast was it moving? How far did the ball fly and roll?
Lesson 104-Developing feel. Focus on the top hand. Match the club to the thumb. The thumb controls the rotation of the club. Let it rotate.
Lesson 105-Feel-Make practice swings of different lengths. very slow at first, with your eyes closed. Use your hands to judge club location.
Lesson 106-Rhythm and Tempo are feel factors. How fast can you swing the club and still feel the location of the club in your hands?
Lesson 107-We all know what a good swing looks like, but can we remember what a good swing feels like? Don't let vision interfere with feel.

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