Monday, May 9, 2011

Lessons 89-94

Lesson 94-Playing strategy. Don't let greed waste shots. Find a target within your range. Pin seeking=higher stress=potential missed shot.

Lesson 93-Short Game Secret-Maintain your knee flex on a pitch or chip. Lose the flex-top the shot. Dip the knees-hit it fat. Stay level!

Lesson 92- Short Game- Practice some without a target. Focus on how the shot feels rather than how results look. Can you repeat the feel?

Lesson 91-Short Game Strategy. Best method? There isn't one. Start here.Multiple clubs with same technique or different shots with one club?

Lesson 90-The most valuable personal asset for your golf game and short game? PATIENCE. The job is not complete until the ball is holed.

Lesson 89-Turning three shots into two is the secret to lower scores! Focus on the par 3's and inside 150 yards to lower your handicap.

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