Monday, December 9, 2013

Daily Lessons 96-105

Lesson 96-Impact other than the bottom of the arc requires compensations to maintain correct putter speed, loft, and face angle to target.

Lesson 97 -Moving impact from the bottom if the arc is often a function of fitting your stroke to the putter you use. Forward press is an example.

Lesson 98- Building stroke mechanics are about making knowledgeable choices. How many compensations can you use consistently?

Lesson 99-Dont confuse stroke plane, putter path and putter rotation. They are three separate measurements and should be analyzed separately.

Lesson 100-When the putter is in motion the only direction that counts is the direction at impact and does the face compliment the path?

Lesson 101-The better the putter stays on plane the more likely you are to match aim and impact. Impact=direction, aim is the start position.

Lesson 102- Review - Find stroke plane that works best for you. Tilt the plane to compliment your release. Match stroke length to distance.

Lesson 103-Matching stroke plane to target line does not guarantee success. Why? Putter face controls direction NOT PATH. Control the face!

Lesson 104-When you swing a putter off plane it is difficult to maintain proper rotation. Typically the face twists shut. Harder to control.

Lesson 105-Staying on plane is a matter of making a stroke while maintaining your balance. It doesn't take much movement to alter a stroke.

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