Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Next 10 Putting Lessons

Lesson 86-Stroke Plane-The putterhead moves on a plane determined by how far you are from the ball NOT by the lie angle of the putter shaft.

Lesson 87 - Staying on plane means stroke matches set up and that enhances stability. Example: ALL yips are a result of off plane strokes.

Lesson 88-Putter Design matters. If the putter is balanced to swing on a plane different than the player's stroke plane-stroke is unstable.

Lesson 89-Signs a stroke is off plane? Grip is never comfortable-heavier putter seems to help-anxiety on short putts-Stroke is never smooth.

Lesson 90-A smooth motion appears to move slowly. Strokes on plane swing smoothly. Tempo issues often a result when putter swings off plane.

Lesson 91-Stroke Plane? Imagine a sheet of plywood from the base of your neck to the ball, tilted to your tendencies.

Lesson 92- Putter path is not defined by a line on the ground. It is a 3 dimensional, up and down back and forth. Stay on plane not on line!

Lesson 93-Very important part of staying on plane is to maintain the vertical aspect of the stroke. Don't manipulate. Maintain the arc.

Lesson 94-It is easier to stay on plane if impact is at the bottom of the arc!
Lesson 95-Good things happen at the bottom of the arc. Hard to decel a putt at the apex of the stroke. Gravity helps until putter starts up.

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