Saturday, December 28, 2013

Next 10 Putting Lessons

Lesson 116-Balance is critical to a consistent stroke. Position of the feet are critical to balance. Feet move last to balance your set up.

Lesson 117-Uneven lies on the green requires an adjustment. Don't change distance from the ball. Adjust your knee flex to maintain balance.

Lesson 118-Match Lesson 117 with moving your hands up or down on the grip to maintain a consistent ball position and posture on uneven lies.

Lesson 119-It helps to fit a putter longer than needed. The game is played on uneven surfaces. More length allows you to adjust for balance.

Lesson 120-When you analyze your stroke on a perfect surface, think about the adjustments you need to make when conditions aren't perfect.Reply

Lesson 121- Is it possible that what we find works perfectly under laboratory conditions, might not produce the perfect results outdoors?

Lesson 122-Great putters adapt to different conditions. They don't recreate their method. Adapt don't overhaul is a key to improved putting.

Lesson123-Loft is your friend. It doesn't take much but you need some. Especially if your hands lead the putter and the shaft leans forward.

Lesson 124-Many golfers deloft the putter - lean the shaft forward - on longer putts. If you do, you need some loft on the putter to start.

Lesson 125-All players have preferences or favorite putts. Change strategy-not mechanics for better results on the putts where you struggle.

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