Saturday, December 14, 2013

Putting Lessons 106-115

Lesson 106- A shift in balance during the stroke requires a reaction of the hands to compensate, otherwise you mishit the putt. Stay steady.

Lesson 107-Maintaining balance during your putting stroke requires a precise static fit. Check your impact points on the putter. Scattered?

Lesson 108-Balanced set up? Set up to the ball with your putter. Lift putter very slightly off the ground. Close your eyes. Are you stable?

Lesson 109-Balanced setup = Consistent impact on the putter. If this is true does this mean that a high moi head masks an unbalanced setup?

Lesson 110-Balance is key in putting. Body balance=stable posture. Stable posture=consistent stroke. Final piece of the puzzle? Putter Fit.

Lesson 111 - All putter fits should start without a putter. Forced postures regardless if forced by club or instructor DONT WORK.

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Lesson 112-Balance check. Video your putting stroke from down the line. Set up with eyes open. Make the stroke- eyes closed. Did you adjust?

Lesson 113-Consistency is critical in reading greens. The only way to predict where the ball will finish is to know where it will start.

Lesson 114-Consistency starts with set up. Putter first, eyes adjust, then hands, then shoulders, feet last. NOT feet first and then twist.

Lesson 115-Do you stand the same distance from the ball on right to left breaking putts as left to right? Many do not! See Lesson 114

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