Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Putting Lessons 221-230

Lesson 221-Proper size grip formula. Hand size +/- rotational requirement based on distance from the ball. Farther=smaller. Closer=bigger.

Lesson 222-Grip profile. Look for grip shape and taper that enhances your source of motion and fits your preferred hand placement.

Lesson 223-Understanding the difference between putting stroke plane and putter path is a key to better putting. Definitions at #224 & #225

Lesson 224-Stroke plane-Think Hogan's pane of glass. The Putter HEAD travels along this plane. Plane is tilted vertically and directionally.

Lesson 225-Stroke path. The direction the putter is moving at impact. Plane and path direction do not match during the stroke.

Lesson 226-Stroke plane is a function of alignment & motion source. Path direction is a variable along the stroke plane. Ball direction?

Lesson 227- The direction the ball leaves is a function of face position and Putter PATH, not Stroke Plane! It helps to know the difference.

Lesson 228-With an arcing stroke the plane can tilt left or right yet the putter still would be online at impact. Is an arc more forgiving?

Lesson 229-Ball position & timing are much more important than body alignment for arcing strokes. Alignment changes plane more than path.

Lesson 230-Alignment for putting does not have anywhere near the importance of alignment for the full swing. Why? Ball spin is not an issue.

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