Sunday, July 20, 2014

Putting Lessons 231-240

Lesson 231-In a consistent stroke, ball position will have more influence on ball direction than body alignment! Find the apex of the arc!

Lesson 232-The putterhead moves on a plane independent and more upright than the putter shaft. Beware. Aids based on shaft=rotation issues.

Lesson 233-Still looking for a best way? Start with on plane & impact at the bottom of the stroke. Anything else requires some manipulation.

Lesson 234-Adam Scott. Conflict! High moi putter = straight Your posture = arc. Putter moves above plane and rotates shut. Ball goes left.

Lesson 235-How much loft should you use on your putter? Food for thought. Many of the best putters have more loft than standard not less.

Lesson 236- More loft on a putter=more versatile and more forgiving. Loft at impact has more influence on distance than off center strikes!

Lesson 237-Loft of the putter at impact has big influence on where you strike the putter on the face vertically. Too high or low? Check loft.

Lesson 238-Great ball roll? Anytime the toe of the putter is moving faster than the heel at impact. Regardless of loft or angle of attack.

Lesson 239-If the heel leads the toe to the ball the ball comes off the putter softer, with a higher launch. Very effective on fast greens.

Lesson 240-Better to focus on results and learn to prefer the feel, than focus on feel and hope for successful results. Lesson

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