Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Yips Battle- New Yorker Magazine

The yips are often conflated with choking, but research suggests neurological causes.

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I have worked personally with Christian and I am familiar with the other work referenced in the article. Christian has always said yips are rotational. The "speed" yip mentioned seems to be a tempo issue. Debbie Crews work has been very influential to me. Especially that the severity of a yip can get worse if not addressed.

The toughest part for me is understanding the difference/relationship of the mechanical yip and the mental yip. I am not qualified to say much about the mental side, but I do have some support of my work on the mechanical side.

There is no simple solution as you can tell from the article. But in support of the article I would offer this:

In terms of the rotational aspect of the stroke, we have had success focusing on the relationship of putter face to the path of the stroke rather than putter face to the target line. Using a natural rotation in the stroke rather than a manipulated steer. Open to closed is better than shut to open!!!!!!!!

If you suffer from rotational yips, it helps to get a putter that balances to the parameters of your stroke. Yips are reactionary. either to perception or feel. If the putter is not balanced to your path, you will react to correct based on your perception.

Excess weight is not a cure. Over time, it just exaggerates the problem.

Changing how you perform the task is a big help. Renown putter designer, Tad Moore, has shared with me that "face on" putting is the solution for anchored  putting  and can help the yips. Tad is an expert I trust and after spending some time working with the concept, I can support his ideas.

I can tell you for sure while there are experts in explain what happens, the field is leveled when it comes to a solution. No way to tell how a player will react to any given solution. But there are solutions. Just takes some work and understanding of the problem.

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